About me


Who am I? My name is Linda Lindenau and I run a sailing school for women, in Stockholm, Sweden and in Rhodes, Greece. I started my sailing life when I was a kid, with my grown up brother. Many years later I was divorced with two children, and I wanted to give them the joy of life at sea. At first I bought a very small boat, then a slightly bigger, and then… With my fourth upgrade, to 32 feet, I sailed from Sweden to the Canary Islands and back. It was a trip of 13 months, and with me I had my children, 12 and 15 at the time, and a friend of mine. Back in Sweden I wrote a book, Woman, take the rudder!, and then another book about courageous women. The newspapers wrote about me and women began to contact me and ask for sailing courses. And here I am now, making my living out of sailing.

Over the last years I have sailed around the greek archipelago in the springtime and the autumn. In the summertime I do courses in the Stockholm archipelago (with 27 000 islands, Swedes learn how to navigate. The hard way, you could say). In the beginning of 2011 I sailed with a friend of mine in her boat from Ushuaia, South Argentine to the Antarctic peninsula and back. This was the most spectacular, remote and breathtaking journey I have ever done, and it is the reason for me to want to sail in Patagonia, south of Chile.

The dream of doing one more blue water sailing has grown in me for some years now. And suddenly, things came together and I realized that now is the perfect time to start preparing for a new long journey. I hope there is legs that you have dreamt of sailing!

The licenses that I have:
Master of Yachts, Unlimited
Amateur radio SA0YLL
and the national swedish licenses required.

Contact me via email linda (at) tarodret.nu (”Ta rodret” means ”Take the helm”) or info (at) lindalindenausailing.com

or phone 0046 70 279 68 22

Follow me in English on Instagram lindalindenau.

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